For the community of Peperhol (Saramacca) this sports facility hall was built next to the football grounds and very close to 3 schools. Part of the CDFS program is the involvement of the community, and for this project the locals construct-ed the 130 meters long road from the Highway (oost-west-verbinding) to the Sports Hall. For the school-children a color competition was organized and the wonderful color scheme of the winning plan by Gopal Parwesh (age 13) is realized for the exterior. Nico Sokarijo (age 12) won the competition for the interior with the concept of 'Chicago Bulls'.

Technical supervision by Gullit & Partners Architecten with super-visor Aimee de Back and social supervision by Cornelly Olivieira.
Status: executed 2007 / 2008
Building costs: 200.000,- USD
Client: Community Develop-ment Fund Suriname (CDFS)
Contractor: Whiteberg Trading