Atlantic Architects
Atlantic Architects N.V. is a design office for architecture, interior design, renovation and urban planning in both national
and international projects. The office is based in Paramaribo and was founded by Christian Smith and Aimée de Back in 2008.
Both architects have over 12 years of experience in various architectural firms both in Europe and Surinam. The office is
specialized in design, research, feasibility studies, restoration projects and presentation techniques such as scale models
and digital animations.

Atlantic Team
The present Atlantic team consists of six well skilled professionals, a mix of Dutch, Swiss/British and Surinam nationalities.
Architects Christian Smith, Aimée de Back and Jorn Reijnders are Masters of Science in Architecture graduated from
the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands.
Mr. Christian Smith
MSc artistic director, senior architect
Ms. Aimée de Back MSc financial director, renovation architect
Mr. Jorn Reijnders MSc architect
Ms. Danielle Vakkers draftsman management assistant
Ms. Gale Robles draftsman calculation assistant
Ms. Jerney Sedjo draftsman model builder